NISSEI MT-500: Professional Non-Contact Thermometer

MT-500 is a clinical thermometer designed for home and professional use in medical institutions, and it is intended to be used for patients with all ages except for pre-term infants and small for gestational age (SGA) newborns.The product is also intended to be used during professional transportation of a patient outside the healthcare facility and home healthcare environment.

Made in Japan and designed for professional use and home healthcare for patients of all ages.


3 sensors technology provides high measurement accuracy by analyzing various data of measurement conditions.


Three built-in sensors automatically control:

  • the distance to the body (object),
  • the temperature of the ambient for the adjustment of results,
  • the temperature of the measured body (object).


Clinical accuracy of MT-500 was verified by the comparison with the reference clinical thermometer as stipulated in international standards. The clinical verication was conducted for hundreds pacients covering the age distribution from newborns to adults. MT-500 has achieved the clinical repeatability of 0.113°C which confirms its considerable accuracy at repeated measurements. Measurement range: body temperature +34.0 to+42.5°C.


Axillary temperature. MT-500 calculates internal body temperature (axillary/armpit temperature) with its special algorithm according to the skin surface temperature at forehead and the ambient temperature.

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