Model MT-500


Professional Non-Contact Thermometer.
Developed for Hospitals.
Clinical Accuracy.
Made in Japan.


triControl: 3 sensors technology provides high measurement accuracy by analyzing various data of measurement conditions.
Three built-in sensors automatically control:
− the distance to the body,
− the temperature of the ambient for the adjustment of results
− the temperature of the measured body.

Axillary temperature: MT-500 calculates internal body temperature (axillary/armpit temperature) with its special algorithm according to the skin surface temperature at forehead and the ambient temperature.

Clinical accuracy: MT-500 is verified by the comparison with the reference clinical thermometer as stipulated in international standards. The clinical verication was conducted for hundreds pacients covering the age distribution from newborns to adults.

  • Stores 10 readings each for body temperature and object temperatures.
  • MT-500 also has modes for measuring the temperature of objects and rooms.
  • Backlite LCD.
  • Uses one AAA alkaline battery.

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Promotional materials:
Home Use Information Leaflet (PDF)
Clinical Use Information Leaflet (PDF)

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