Model MT-500


Measurement location Forehead 
Measurement results memory 10 reading each for both body & object temperatures 
Intelligent systems TriControl 
Sound Indication OK 
Display type LCD 
Measuring Range
body temperature
temperature of objects
room temperature
+34.0 - +42.5˚C 
0 - +100.0˚C 
+10.0 - +45.0˚C 
Measuring Accuracy
body temperature
temperature of objects
room temperature
+36.0 - +39.0˚C ±0.2˚C 
+10.0 - +40.0˚C ±2.0˚C 
+10.0 - +40.0˚C ±2.0˚C 
Smallest units displayed 0.1˚C 
Operating Conditions
relative humidity
10˚C to 40˚C 
95% and below  
Power 1х1.5V (type ААA) 
Weight, g 50 
Dimensions 34.4 x 161.0 x 25.2 mm 
Complete Set Digital Thermometer, Batteries - 1, Instruction manual, package 
Manufacturing Company Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co., Ltd.  

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