PULSE PRESSURE MEASUREMENT. A cardiovascular system performance index is calculated as a difference between systolic and diastolic pressures. Any pulse pressure level detected may adequately reflect the “real age” of arterial vessels that may agree by no means always with their “biologic age”. Knowledge of pulse pressure allows prevent such severe diseases, as blood-vascular organ and kidney pathologies, stroke and myocardial infarction at the very early stages.
Models: DSK-1011, DSK-1031, WSK-1011.
FUZZY INFLATION. This product employs automatic inflation pressure selection to ease stress on arm during cuff inflation. By detecting pulse signals while inflating, this product is able to determine the sufficient maximum inflation pressure for each measurement.
Models: DSK-1031, WSK-1011.
MEASUREMENT ON INFLATION. Cuff inflation measurement algorithm for quick and comfort pressure and pulse rate.
Models: DSK-1011.
BODY MOTION DETECTION. When a noise indicator is displayed, measurement results shall be duplicated at rest and in silence, thus preventing any possible interference effects.
Models: DSK-1011, DSK-1031, WSK-1011.
CUFF CONDITION INDICATOR. This device tests whether a cuff is fixed properly. When a cuff is fixed correctly, seats untight and unloosed, icon “OK” is displayed.
Models: DSK-1031.
RELIABILITY INDICATOR.Specifi c rules shall be followed to obtain exact final results – i.e. do not interfere in measurement process; make sure that a cuff is properly fixed; etc. This device automatically checks up environmental conditions and, if the above rules are observed, it displays a reliability icon.
Models: DSK-1031.
M-SHAPED CUFF. A unique M-Cuff product is designed and patented by NISSEI. It reliably reads a pulse wave from two wrist arteries at once, thereby improving measurement accuracy results.
Models: WSK-1011.