Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co., Ltd. regularly checks its NISSEI tonometers for compliance with requirements of the European Hypertension Society.
German Hypertension Society is one of the most respected organizations in the field of prevention and control of hypertension.

The Society has existed since 1974 and involves well-known experts in the field of cardiology, neurology, general medicine, medical practitioners and patients with arterial hypertension or patients at risk.

Nissei devices successfully completed the clinical trials have obtained a quality mark of the Hypertension Society and have an appropriate sign in the accompanying documents.
European Hypertension Society has existed since 1986.

The major objective of the European Hypertension Society is to organize activities against hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Compliance with very stringent requirements of the European Hypertension Society is a kind of quality mark of tonometers.